Using Theme Resource Kit

The Theme Resource Kit is a set of sample files that make up a theme, arranged in the hierarchy that the application expects. You do not have to use this kit, but it can be helpful to understand the kinds of things you can modify in the application.

We strongly recommend that you use the out-of-the-box Theming Tool whenever possible due to upgrade risks when using Soy or FreeMarker themes. Alternatively, you can engage our professional service team to help you develop a custom theme if you don't want to do it yourself. Ask your Jive Software account representative about this service. For more information about the Theming Tool, see Theming community.

To make the changes described in this section, you need administrator privileges and a good understanding of FreeMarker or Soy templates.

The directory hierarchy in your theme is important; things break if you don't follow the correct pattern. What's in the resource kit is a good example, with a root directory that has subdirectories for images, styles, and template. Within the template directory, the hierarchy is also important.

The themes you upload this way in a zip file are applied as the global theme. It is possible to create custom themes that map to only specific parts of the UI, but this isn't the way to do that. For more information, see Custom themes advanced topics.