What's New in Jive 9?

The latest Jive 9 release includes significant new fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes – Jive Hosted on Premise

You can check the Jive Hosted and On-Prem space on Worx for details.

Upgrading to Jive 9

If you're upgrading, see Step 2: Learn What's Changed from Jive 7 & 8 to Jive 9 on Worx for a more detailed look at what's changed between Jive 7 & 8 to 9. You need to join the Jive 9 Upgrade Planning group to use this resource.

Changes in Jive 9

Analytics improvements (Cloud Service)
Engagement Analytics now provides three additional reports: User to User Interaction chart, Engagement Index, and the Daily Active Users/ Monthly Active Users. These charts tell you more about how active and engaged your community is, and how groups interact with each other. For more information about these chart, see the Jive Analytics Help.
Bulk content management
You can now make bulk changes to content items with the Bulk Manage Content feature. For more information on how to use this feature and what it offers, see Making bulk changes to content in places.
Jive Daily Hosted improvements
Jive Daily Hosted is now available for hosted and on-premise communities and compatible with Jive 9. For more information about changes to the app, see Release Notes – Jive Daily Hosted on Worx. For more information on how to use Jive Daily Hosted, see the Jive Daily Integrated Help.
Copy document
Documents now have a Copy Document action that creates a new piece of content from an existing document. It copies the title, body, and publishing information (place, category, tags) from the original document. Documents can be copied as a new document, discussion, or blog post. This is a great way to make templates for others to use.
Mixed mode authentication
Jive now supports mixed-mode authentication when SSO is enabled. This feature is useful for communities that may include users managed in Active Directory or another directory service, but also include participation from users who are not federated. Unlike the Externally Accessible groups feature, which grants users access only to specific private groups but not the rest of community content, Mixed Mode allows external users to be granted full or partial community access based on Jive permission groups. For more information, see Mixed-mode authentication.
New Jive Developer Tools: Simple Stream Builder
We now provide a Simple Stream Builder tool to help you build add-ons. For more information, see Introducing the New Simple Stream Builder on Worx.
New tiles
New tiles are introduced in your community. Some are only available in narrow tiles and some are only in custom pages.
  • Hero
  • Banner
  • Super List
  • Latest blog post
  • HTML
  • Category
  • Tagged Content

For more information, see Tile reference.

News enhancements
News is the central place for you to see what's happening in the community. For more information about News, see Using News in the User Guide. For more information about creating News streams, see Customizing News page in the User Guide.
System requirements
Browser support:
  • We now support Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad for iOS 8 and 9, and no longer support 7
  • We now support Apple Safari 8 and 9 (on Macs only), and no longer support 7
  • We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer in Compatibility mode

For a list of the browsers we support, see ../shared_global/SupportedBrowsersHop.html#supported_browsers.

Operating systems:
  • We now support SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) 11 SP4 and 12 SP1
  • We no longer support SUSE 12 and SUSE 11 SP2 and SP3
Database servers:
  • We now support MySQL 5.7
  • We now Support MSSQL 2014
  • We no longer support MySQL 5.5
  • We no longer support Postgres 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3
Authentication services:
  • We no longer support SunOne
Jive Daily Hosted:
  • We now support a minimum of iOS 8.x and higher
  • We now support a minimum of Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher

End of Life and deprecation

We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 7. For the list of the browsers we support, see ../shared_global/SupportedBrowsersHop.html#supported_browsers.
Apps Market EOL
We are removing the ability for customers to download Apps via the Apps Market in Jive 9.0.0. Apps will continue to function and be available for download via the Add-ons page. No functionality will be lost. During the upgrade process all downloaded apps will be converted to Add-ons. The Apps menu item will still be displayed and Apps will continue to function should customers have dependencies on those Apps. For more information, see Apps market EOL in Jive 9 on Worx.
Deal Room add-on
We are deprecating the Deal Room add-on as of July 2017. Please use the Salesforce Chatter add-on to enrich your Jive Activity stream with content from Salesforce.