Following people and places

When you follow a content item, a person, or a place, you receive notifications about updates for them. There are a few ways to begin following, and you can stop following them if you want it.

Starting following people, places, and content items

  • From the News feed or any other place, tap a person's name or avatar, or the name of a place, and then tap Follow. You can then select the streams (a predefined or your custom stream) in which you want to follow the person or place, and tap Done.
  • Use the Search feature to search for places or people that might interest you. In the search results, when you find a person or a place you want to follow, tap Follow next to it, select the streams, and tap Done. The people or places that you follow then appear with Checkmark next to them in the search results indicating the same.

    If the group you searched for is private, you can raise a request to join the group: Tap the group name in search results, and then tap Ask to join this group.

  • For places, you can use the Browse feature from the menu for viewing the places. Tap Browse > View more shows the community places, the places you follow appear with Checkmark next to them. Tap Follow next to a place to start following it, then select the streams and tap Done.

Stopping following people, places, and content items

To stop following a person, or a place, or content item:

  • Tap Checkmark, clear the chosen streams and then tap Done.

When you stop the subscription, you no longer see updates for that person, or place, or content item.