Setting up Jive Events

The first step in setting up Events is installing the Events plugin if it is not already installed.

To set up Jive Events:

  1. Verify whether the Events plugin is installed. In the Admin Console, go to System > Plugins > Installed Plugins and check if the Events Plugin is present in the list.

    If you don't see the plugin, contact Support to obtain a license. Support can also help you find the appropriate plugin to download.

  2. Install the plugin JAR file, as described in Installing Jive Events plugin.
  3. If you want users to be able to add events to MS Outlook or another iCalendar-compatible program, make sure that you have advanced incoming email monitoring configured in your community.

    For more information about email monitoring, see Configuring incoming email in the Jive 9.x Community Manager Help.

    Note that users must have email notifications enabled to receive emails which then integrate with the calendar app. For more information, see Choosing between email and stream notifications in the Jive 9.x User Help.