Setting up event visibility and attendance policy

You can determine the event visibility and attendance policy for events created in your community through event access types and space permissions.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Events

Your community members choose an event access type — Open, Closed, or Private — for their event when they are creating it. For more information on how user perspective, see About event visibility and attendance.

Event Visibility and Attendance

Event access types provide another layer of permissions over the place permissions. You can disable event access types to limit the choices that your community members have in regards to visibility and attendance.

  • To disable event access types, change the corresponding jive.event.eventAccess property to false.

For example, if you want to require all events to be open, you can set jive.event.eventAccess.closed.enabled and jive.event.eventAccess.covert.enabled to false. Note that open events can be or created in a private or private unlisted group if you don't want everyone to be able to read about or attend them.

For more information about the corresponding system properties, see Event properties.