Inviting people

You can invite other community members to your event to apprise people about the event and to track RSVPs.

Attention: You can invite people only if you created the event, if you have rights in the Jive place where the event was created, or if you were added as event author.

To invite other people to an event:

  1. Open the event.
    You can do it either from an Inbox event notification, an email, or a stream.
    Restriction: If you cannot view an event, you don't have rights to it and, therefore, cannot invite other people to it.
  2. Click Invite others.
  3. Enter the names of the community members you want to invite or select them by using the Select People dialog box.
    If required, you can also change the message that accompanies the invitation.
    Inviting users to an event
  4. Click Submit.

The community members you have chosen are invited through an Inbox event notification and will be able to RSVP.

You can track the responses in the event itself, as described in Tracking responses. Besides, you can export the attendee list, as described, in Exporting attendee list.