Moving events

You can move an event from place to another if you have sufficient permissions in both places.

Only the event creator, assigned event authors, and administrators can move events. They also must have sufficient permissions for creating content in the destination place.

To move an event:

  1. Open the event you want to move.
    You can do it either from an Inbox event notification, an email, or a stream.
    Restriction: If you cannot view an event, you don't have rights to it and, therefore, cannot edit it.
  2. Click Move.
  3. In the Choose Location dialog box, select the place to which the event must be moved.
  4. In the Confirm Move step, do the following:
    1. Review the move setting.
    2. If you want the move to be visible in the activity streams, select the Show location change in streams check box.
    3. Click Yes - move it here to confirm the move.
The event is moved to another place. The attendees receive a notification about the change in Inbox and on email.