Sharing events

You can share a published event with other community members. This does not invite them, only notifies them of the event.

Note that you can share events with other places, such as groups, spaces, or projects, as well. Place permissions apply to all sharings. For more information about permissions, see Content visibility in the Jive 9.x Community Manager Help.

To share an event:

  1. Open the event you want to share.
    You can do it either from an Inbox event notification, an email, or a stream.
  2. Click Share to open the Share dialog box.
  3. Enter the names of the community members, or select them from the Select People dialog box.
  4. If required, change the conveyance message.
  5. Click Share.

The link to the event is shared as follows:

  • Users receive invitation messages in their Inbox. They can use it to access the event.
  • In places, a link to this event is added to the place. Only people with access to the content in its original place will be able to view it.