Viewing events

You can view a place's events on the Calendar tab in the place menu.

Event page

When you open an event, you can see the details provided by the event's author when the event was created or last edited. This includes the date and time (in your time zone), the event description, location, contact information, and type.

You can confirm if you will or won't be attending and check how other users responded on the invitation. For more information about inviting other users, see Inviting people.

You can also add the event to your Calendar client if it supports iCalendar. For more information, see iCalendar integration.

Place Calendar tab

The calendar displays each event for the date on which it occurs. Events that are scheduled for multiple days span those days on the calendar. And events that are scheduled for part of the day are displayed in time slots below the all-day events.

Full calendar view

The calendar itself offers three views: Month, Week, and Day, with the Week and Day views displaying the events in an agenda-style timeline.

To the full calendar:

  • In a place, select the Calendar tab.

You can drag events in the calendar to reschedule them. Events can be moved or resized. Note that only the event creator, assigned event authors, and administrators can edit events.

  • When you move an event from within the Month view, you can make the event an all-day event. You can also elect to keep the start and end times the same and change only the day on which the event occurs. Note that these options are presented if the event being moved is not an all-day or longer event.
  • Resizing an event in the Month view causes the event to be converted to an all-day event. For events that are not already all-day events, you will be prompted before the transformation is completed.

Updates on News and Activity pages

You can get a quick overview of the upcoming events in the place Activity page or on the News page (if the pages were configured to pull the updates). You should look for the Upcoming Events tiles. For more information, see Displaying events in places.