Activity and monitoring

The Activity and Monitoring features help you explore activity that happens in the console and in Gamification, including searching for user activity. The new data Import feature has some guidelines, so read on.

You can use Activity and Monitoring to search users by name and user ID, and to see who has logged into the Nitro console and performed actions such as creating rules or missions. These activities are shown in the Audit Log.

User Lookup

To perform a user lookup in the nitro console, you'll need the user's ID, to find this, search forfor a user from the People page in the Admin Console. Copy their 'userid' and use it to search in the nitro console.

Data Import
This new feature allows you to upload CSV files that will add or remove points or actions from the users you specify. To use this feature, you need to know each user's numeric ID.
Audit Log
The Audit Log shows all the actions that take place in the Nirto Console.