Creating missions

You can create one by clicking Challenges > New > Mission in the Gamification Console.

To understand the structure of a mission, see Missions.

Creating a mission requires the following steps:

Setting Up Mission Basics

  1. In the About tab, provide a name for the mission and decide what folder it goes in.
  2. Add a description to help explain the mission in the Gamification Console. This text won't appear to users in the Jive community.
  3. Optional: If you want users to be able to complete the mission and receive a reward more than once, select the Make this mission repeatable checkbox. You can also click Advanced > you want to limit how often the mission can be repeated in a day.
  4. Optional: If you want to limit how long the mission is available for, click Advanced and specify the dates for the duration. Keep in mind that badges earned for the mission will persist after the mission end date and must be removed manually if you don't want to keep them around.
  5. Click Next.

Deciding Who Can Do the Mission

  1. On the Who tab, identify what prerequisites users need to satisfy before they can participate in the mission.
    Note: The Segments functionality is not currently available for Jive customers.
    Option Description
    Missions If you only want people who completed certain missions already to be able to participate in the mission you're configuring, click Missions in the left pane and drag the required missions onto a Requirement block.
    Levels If you only want people who have reached a certain points level to be able to participate in the mission you're configuring, click Levels in the left pane and drag the required level onto a Requirement block.
  2. Toggle the AND/OR connectors to create Boolean rules for who can do the mission.

Creating Rules for Mission Completion

  1. Rules determine what actions in Jive should occur for the user to complete the mission.
    1. On the Rules tab, drag actions from the left pane. Then toggle the AND/OR connectors to create Boolean rules for what combination of actions users are required to complete the mission.
    2. Decide how many times the action has to happen to satisfy the requirement, and type the number in the Number of calls field.
    3. If you want to limit the action to a specific place in the community or a specific document, you can click Advanced Options in the action configuration, which adds metadata to the rule. For more information about this, see Understanding metadata.
  2. If you want to add more rules, click the Add Rule button and repeat the steps above for each rule you add.
  3. If you added multiple rules, set the menu next to the Add Rule button to determine whether all the rules in your mission need to be completed to complete the mission. This menu also determines whether the rules need to be completed in the order you configured them.
  4. Set the Users must complete rules in the order listed button at the top of the screen. The default is Yes.

Adding Mission Rewards

  1. On the Rewards tab, add points or badges that will be awarded when the mission is completed.
    Note: Configuring notifications is not currently supported in Jive. Users will be notified of mission rewards using Jive Inbox notifications.
    1. To specify the points awarded, expand Points in the left pane and drag the Points block over to the Points column, then enter a number in the block.
    2. To add a badge, drag Drag to create a new badge to the Badges column, then specify the URL of the full-sized and thumbnail images you want to use for your badge or browse to them to upload them. Uploading badge art populates the URL field, and you can then reference the same URL in other badges later.