Gamification widgets

There are a number of widgets associated with Gamification, which can be used to display standings in your community.

Note: Jive uses the term "widgets" to describe blocks of information that can be displayed on certain community Overview pages, including some gamification leaderboards. These have nothing to do with the Widgets functionality in the Nitro console. This functionality isn't supported or reflected in Jive.

You can use the following widgets in groups and spaces to display the results of Gamification. Keep in mind that to use these widgets, you need to be using the old-style home page, not the new Place Templates, which don't support widgets.

Table 1. Content Widgets
Name Description
Individual Leaders Shows either the top-scoring users in a place, or your rank in the place. To enable users to toggle between these views, choose Both in the Display Mode field when you configure the widget. This is the most commonly used leaderboard widget.
Missions Shows the available missions. You can limit the missions shown in this widget to a single folder shown in the Actions > Challenges area of the Gamification Console.
Team Leaders Within a league, shows the top point scorers.
Team Standings Compares the point totals of the teams competing in a time-limited mission,
Team Challenges Shows all the challenges available to teams in the community, and allows users to join a team. (Challenges are the same thing as missions.)