Metadata for content

Metadata for an item of content consists of the content type and the content ID.

Note: Metadata name-value pairs are case-sensitive.
To limit a rule to a particular content type or item:
  1. Click Edit next to the Metadata field for the rule.
  2. Click Add Metadata
  3. Add the name-value pair type=contentType to limit the rule to a particular content type, and the name-value pair id=contentID to further limit it to a specific item. (You need both the content type and the content ID to limit a rule to the specific item.) You can find the type and id values for a content item by starting to create or edit a piece of content and inspecting the URL to find the human-readable content type and the numeric ID. For example, a blog post URL might look like this: You'd then add the name-value pairs type=blogpost and id=27760 to ensure the mission requirement was limited to only that one blog post.
  4. Click Done.