Modifying default missions

Gamification ships with several default missions that you'll probably want to modify before you launch them.

Jive includes two kinds of default missions. (Note that if you accessed the Gamification Console directly, you may see missions referred to as "challenges.")
  • The Repeating Missions are point-bearing activities that earn points repeatedly. They typically should not result in earning a badge (because the resulting number of badges can be excessive), but the resulting points help users level up. These missions are divided into Creation and Active Points, which can be earned by doing actions in the community (for example creating content), and Passive Points, which are earned when other people initiate a community interaction (for example by liking your content). Users earn points every time they complete a repeating mission.
  • The Non-Repeating Missions earn a badge as well as points. You can only receive the badge and points the first time all the steps in the mission are completed.

You can modify the names, tasks, rewards, and artwork for any of these missions simply by changing the information in them and clicking Update. Keep in mind that as soon as you enable Gamification in a working community, any active missions will show up in Jive, and community member activity will begin triggering point and badge accrual based on the missions. This means you should finish modifying the default missions (or make them inactive) before you turn on Gamification.