Looking for Points, Badges and Status

Gamification data is presented in three locations: in the Activity stream, in the Reputation tab of an individual user's profile, and on the Overview page of a place. Only the Overview page requires further configuration by a community manager.

Gamification statistics for an individual user are typically shown in the following ways:

Reputation Tab
Each user's status points, earned badges, and missions are shown in the Reputation tab of the user profile. See the community user Help for details.
Activity Stream
By default (unless you have disabled callbacks, as described in Controlling activity stream updates), information about completing missions and leveling up will be delivered to the Inbox of the user who gained the level, and will also be shown under Social News in activity streams for other users.
You can configure the Overview page of a group, space, project, or the entire community to show Gamification results in widgets, as described in Gamification widgets. To add these widgets to places other than the community's home page, you don't need community admin rights: you just need to be an owner or have edit rights to the place.