Understanding metadata

You can use metadata to limit the scope of an action to specific place, content type, or content item.

By default, missions you create can take place anywhere in the community. You can use metadata to ensure users take actions in a specific place, or on a specific item. For example, you might want users to complete an R&D mission by posting content in a dedicated Design space, or you might want new users to collaborate on the latest Marketing plan to earn a badge for campaign contributions. Metadata consists of one or more name=value pairs that you specify in the Metadata line of each rule in a mission.

When you're creating a mission:
  • To limit an action to a specific place (for example, the Community Newbies group), add the container type and container ID to the metadata when you're creating a rule.
  • To limit an action to a content type (for example, only documents), add only the content type to the metadata.
  • To limit an action to a specific content item (for example, the Business Card Ordering document), add the content type and the content ID to the metadata.