Leaving teams

You can leave a team, but you take your points with you. Go to the Team Challenges widget to remove yourself from teams.

Leaving a team removes you from the standings, and you won't get any more updates about completed activity in the team mission, or earn any more points associated with that mission. Points you earned while you were on the team will still count toward the team's total, and will still be included in your personal point total.

  1. Look for the Team Challenges widget. If it's not on your site's home page, and you don't know where to find it, ask your community admin, the organizer of your workgroup (for example your Sales team lead), or someone else who's responsible for site competitions.
  2. In the Team Challenges widget, click Edit Your Teams.
  3. For any of the listed challenges you'd like to add, click Leave This Group.
  4. Click Done Joining Groups.