Understanding your reputation

Create and respond to content in Jive and evolve your reputation in the community.

The success of your community depends on your contributions, so you are rewarded with points for getting involved. Over time, you develop a reputation for reliability and authority in your favorite areas. The more people who participate, the more information that is available for the community as a whole. The more status points you earn, the higher you rank.

Find your reputation by going to the top right and clicking your avatar > your name > Reputation tab.

What can you do here?

As you navigate the Reputation area, you'll always see how many points you have, the level you've reached, and the Me in 3 in the top section. When you earn badges, you can drag them into the Me in 3 section so people can see them in your profile card.

Reputation includes Activity, Missions (to earn badges), Places, and Ranking.

See all of your actions that have gained you points and/or badges.
Missions (to earn badges)
Check out what you need to do to earn badges. Under the number of points you'll get, you can see how you can earn them. For example, create 100 pieces of content may earn you a Content creation badge.
Look at how many badges and/or points you've earned in a place.
Take a look at who ranks just above and just below you if you need some motivation for increasing your community activity to get ahead.