Advanced Gamification overview

Advanced Gamification is a system that lets you earn points, badges, levels, and possibly even prizes as you get work done. Your growing expertise gains you extra benefits and recognition.

Jive adds fun to your community participation by gamifying it. This includes rewarding points and badges to motivate you to create, interact with, or view different content types. You can start using Gamification once the gamification community manager has set up missions for you to accomplish.

Here's more about the gamification terms used here and in Jive:

Group of actions required to earn a badge and/or points. A single mission can reward you with points, a badge, or both. For more information, see Completing missions.
Fun images posted to your profile after completing a mission so everyone can see what you've accomplished.
Tally of how much you've earned by earning badges or completing actions in the community. For more on this, see Earning points.
Benchmark that represents where you stand in relation to others in the community. You can move up levels by earning points.