Adding custom fields

Adding a custom field for ideas in your community may help to get more information for ideas.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Ideas > Idea Settings > Custom Fields

To configure a custom field:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Ideas > Idea Settings > Custom Fields.
  2. Under Add new field, in Field Name, specify the name of the field as it must be displayed in the community.
  3. In Field Type, select which kind of field this should be. If you selected one of the multiple-choice types (Drop down, Radio button, or Check box), specify the choices as follows:
    For more information, see Managing custom fields.
    1. Click Add Option to add a new option and type the option title in the appeared box.
    2. Repeat Step 3.a for all the options you want to add.
    3. Select the default option in the Default? column or click Remove Default to remove the default selection.
  4. To make the field required, select the Required check box.
  5. Click Save Field.
This adds the new field to your community ideas.