Managing idea stages

Stages let users know where an idea is in its development lifecycle. You can customize the stages for what works best for your community and its ideas.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Ideas > Idea Settings > Manage Stages

A brand new idea might be Active, for example, while an idea that turned into something just released could be Delivered. You can remove or rename the stages included by default, and configure how they appear to people in the community. You can also add your own stages.

In the community, administrators set stages by setting an idea's stage while editing the idea.

Default stages

The idea feature comes with a default set of stages you can use. The default stages include the following:

  • Active
  • Already Offered
  • Archived
  • Coming Soon
  • Delivered
  • For Future Consideration
  • In Progress
  • Partially Implemented
  • Under Review