Keeping track of ideas

For a quick overview of the community's ideas, you can use tools such as idea lists, widgets, and feeds.

Browsing ideas

  • To see all of the ideas in your community, go to Your avatar > Your Content > All and select Ideas.
  • To see a list of ideas in a specific place, go to the place Content tab, and then select Ideas.

Using idea widgets

Note: We do not recommend that you use widgets and widgetized Overview pages in your community. For more information, see Understanding pages in places in the Jive 9.x Community Manager Help.

You can consider using an ideas widget in any spaces, projects, or groups you own. The Top Ideas and Recent Ideas widgets make it easy for others to view lists of ideas and vote on them.

  • The Top Ideas widget displays a list of the ideas that are getting the highest scores in the community.
  • The Recent Ideas widget shows the ideas that were created most recently.

For more information about adding widgets, see Designing Overview pages for places in the Jive 9.x Community Manager Help.

Use feeds for ideas

As with other content in the community, you can get feeds (such as RSS feeds) for ideas. By subscribing to a feed of ideas in a particular project, for example, you get updated information whenever an idea in that project is updated.

You subscribe to feeds using an RSS reader. To subscribe to feeds for ideas:

  1. Go to the Content tab for a place in the community and select Ideas.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Get a feed of this content.