Voting on ideas

When you vote on an idea, the idea points are increased or decreased depending on your vote.

For example, a vote in favor of the idea (up arrow) could give it 5 points. And a vote against the idea (down arrow) could give it -5 points, that is, deduct 5 points. The point value is set up by your community administrator. You can vote up or down as many times as you want; your last vote is saved until you change it and your vote counts only once.

To vote on an idea:

  • Click Vote up or Vote down below the idea's title.

Note that some stages may not support voting. For example, you may not be able to vote on an idea in the Delivered stage. This is determined by your community administrator.

Where to vote

You can vote on an idea from several locations:

  • The Activity stream: Click Show more on the idea item to see the voting arrows.
  • Your Inbox: Click on the idea item to see the voting arrows.
  • The idea's page: Get there by clicking on an idea in the Activity stream or browsing for an idea and clicking on it (Browse > Content: All > Ideas).
  • An Overview page of a place: The large versions of the Recent Ideas and Top Ideas widgets.

Voting and status points

As with other things you do in the community — creating content, responding to discussions, and so on, — your actions on ideas contribute points to your overall status points in the community. If you aren't familiar with your status points, you can view them on your profile page.

Depending on how your community is configured by your administrator, you may earn status points for the following:
  • Creating ideas
  • Commenting on ideas
  • Voting on ideas

Typically, you earn more points for creating ideas and less for commenting or voting on them.