Create Your Own Jive Anywhere Cartridge

Create a new Jive Anywhere cartridge and add it to Jive using the Admin Console.

You can customize how Jive Anywhere interacts with web pages by creating a new or adding an existing cartridge. A cartridge provides deeper integration between Jive, Jive Anywhere, and a web site. You can create a Jive Anywhere cartridge by using the Jive API. For more on this, see the Jive Anywhere 2.1 Cartridge SDK.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Jive Anywhere
  1. Click Cartridges > Upload new cartridge. The Module dialog opens.
  2. Type the name of the cartridge in the Display Name field.
  3. Click Browse to upload the zip you created when you followed the instructions in the Jive Anywhere 2.1 Cartridge SDK.
  4. In the last text box, type the include pattern you want to add, then click the up arrow to add it to the Cartridge Include Patterns field.
  5. Click Submit.