Setting up Jive for Google Docs

Prepare Jive for integrating with Google Docs by verifying you have the StreamOnce add-on installed in your community, and setting up a Jive Integration account that uses a G Suite account.

In addition to your Google integration user, you need a Jive user whose email is in the G Suite domain. Assign this user the Manage System permission.

To prepare to connect to Google Docs:

  1. Sign into Jive with your Jive integration account user.
  2. In the Admin Console, make sure you select Enabled for the Add-Ons Registry by going to Add-ons > Cloud Settings.
  3. Select User interface: Your avatar > Add-ons to verify that the StreamOne and Google Drive add-ons are installed and configured.
  4. Proceed to Installing the Jive for Google Drive Files and Docs add-On and Adding Google Drive as an external storage provider.