How to manage permissions with Jive user groups

Jive user groups manage permissions assigned to one or more users. They determine things like whether a user can view or edit places, manage social groups, moderate content, or manage users.

You can create a Jive user group to manage who can use the Jive with Google Docs integration if you want to restrict that. You can do this on the Storage Management tab in the Add-on Interface by adding permission group override and clearing Enabled for Everyone setting.

There are 3 types of user groups in Jive:

Built-in Jive user groups (Everyone and All Registered Users)
Everyone includes all users in Jive, and All Registered Users excludes external and anonymous users. The default configuration provides Everyone with view (or read) access and All Registered Users with create (or write) access. A community manager can change these defaults under Permissions in the Admin Console.
Custom user groups provisioned from LDAP or another directory server
These federated groups are synced into Jive as a result of a connection between Jive and an LDAP server. You see a true value under the Federated column.
Custom user group configured in Jive
These groups are created in the Admin Console, and they have false value under Federated column. You can use these to give a group of users special permissions.