Setting up Google side

The following list includes what you need to do to set up the Google side of the Jive for Google Docs integration.

  • Set up G Suite. This associates your domain with Google Drive and other Google apps. For more information, see Google Apps for Work at the Google Cloud portal.
  • Set up a dedicated Google Integration User, and give this user all Groups permission in Google Admin API privileges. This enables the ability to select Google groups and provide them access to the place's Google Drive folder when you're setting up the External Storage for a Jive place. For more on assigning these permissions in Google, see Add Permissions for Google Integration User.
  • In Google, enable third-party Google Drive apps so that the StreamOnce add-on can communicate with Google Drive. This is essential for your Jive for Google Docs integration to work. For more information, see How to enable third-party Google Drive apps at the Google Support portal.