Troubleshooting Jive for Google

If your Jive for Google Docs integration isn't working, check the issues below for common problems and their resolutions.

Google Drive Error in the Integration for External Storage Provider

If you see the following error message: "This storage instance has not been configured properly. Click Edit Instance to correct the settings. Unexpected error during health check", make sure you enabled third-party Google Drive apps so your StreamOnce add-on can communicate with Google Drive. This is essential for your Google Docs integration to work. For more information, see Allow third-party apps for Drive files on the Google Support portal.

Nesting Folders in Google Drive Do Not Nest Them in Jive

Moving a Jive-connected Google folder into another Jive-connected Google folder does not make them nested in Jive and does not move the content into the parent Jive place. If you want to nest folders in Jive, you can only do that in spaces, and you need to do it manually at this time.

The Integration Account Doesn't Have Permissions for Edit Groups Information

When you see this error message, you need to provide all groups permissions to the integration user from the Admin API Privileges. For more information, see Add Permissions for Google Integration User.

User Is Unable to Publish Document Version to Google Drive

Google Drive cannot save more the 200 pinned revisions of a document. This limitation restricts a user to update a document after reaching 199 revisions on Jive. For more information, see Google Drive APIs > REST > Revisions on the Google Drive API portal.

To resolve the problem, you can either upload a new copy of the document or delete some of the older versions of the document.