Installing client for users

You can allow users to install the client program themselves from the Tools menu in the community, or use an MSI to push it to their desktops.

You can allow users to install the client program manually from the Tools page in the community user interface or directly from YourCommunityURL/artifact/download/outlook.exe. Additionally, you can push the client to user desktops is either enabled or disabled mode.

You can download the .msi or .exe installation file in the Admin Console. Go to System > Settings > Jive for Outlook and open the Client Binaries tab.

Note: If you're pushing the client to desktops by using the MSI installer, you must ensure the client meets the minimum system requirements. The MSI will not verify the requirements.
  • To add or remove Jive for Outlook downloading the client from the Tools page:
    1. Go to System > Settings > Extended APIs, then the Desktop Applications tab.
    2. To add Jive for Outlook download to the Tools page, select the Is Download Enabled check box for Jive for Outlook.
    3. To remove Jive for Outlook download from the Tools page, clear the check box for Jive for Outlook.
    This setting is enabled by default.
  • To install the client separately for all the users on one machine, use the argument INSTALLFORALLUSERS=1 when running the MSI.
    • Setting INSTALLFORALLUSERS=0 installs the program for only the current user.
      Note: This is the default installation of Jive for Outlook; it does not require admin rights and will install the add-in for the current user.
    • INSTALLFORALLUSERS=2 creates a single installation on the client computer in Program Files, to be used by all users who use the computer.
  • To install the client silently on multiple machines, use the /q argument.