Obtaining Jive for Outlook logs

Since Jive for Outlook is locally installed on users' machines, you may need the local logs from a computer that is having an issue.

Logs have high-level information that may prove useful in the course of our investigation and may help expedite a resolution for your case.

To find Jive for Outlook logs:

  1. Press Windows+R to start the Run command window.

    Alternatively, you can also launch the window from Start > Run (Windows XP) or use the Search programs and files (Windows 7 and 8+).

  2. Copy %appdata%/Offisync/logs into Open box and click OK.

This opens the folder containing the logs. Each file is named according to the application it was recorded under. So for example, Toolbar_WINWORD_v12 would be for Word, and Toolbar_OUTLOOK_v16.log would be for Outlook.

Each successive time you shutdown and restart the application, a new copy is created and appended an incremented number. Thus the oldest log will have the highest number, and the most recent should not have a number.