Adding photos to albums

Photos can be uploaded to the photo album where they will be contained.

If you have permission to add images to an album, you are able to add one or multiple photos in a ZIP archive at once. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be added per album.

When uploading a single photo, you can add a caption and tag the photo. When uploading an archive, the file name of the photo is used as the caption. Captions and tags are used when searching for photos.

Once you have uploaded at least two images, you can set one of the photos as the cover image. It appears as the album cover image when the album is listed throughout the community. For more information, see Selecting album cover.

To add photos to a photo album:

  1. Open the album which you want to edit.
  2. Under Actions, click Add Photos.
  3. To add a single photo:
    1. Click Choose File and browse for the photo.
    2. Add a caption that describes the photo.
    3. Optionally, add tags under Tags.
  4. To add multiple photos:
    1. Click Upload a zip file of Photos and browse for the archive.
    2. Add a caption that describes the photos.
  5. To publish the added photo or photos and continue, click Add another photo.
  6. To publish the added photo or photos and finish, click Publish.

The photos are added to the photo album and can be viewed in it.