Managing album contributors

By default, only the original album creator can add photos to an album. You can allow other users to contribute photos to an album you created when creating or editing an album.

Album contributors can add new photos and manage the photos they have uploaded, but cannot modify or delete other photos in the album. They can also rename the album and change its description and cover image. But they do not have the ability to manage contributors. Besides, they can change the place where the album is published.

To allow all registered users to contribute photos to your album, clear the Advanced options > Restrict authors check box when creating or editing an album. Note that the permissions of the place in which you created your album take precedence here. For example, if you have created an album in a secret group, only those users who have permission to access the group will be able to view and contribute to your album.

If you would like to allow only some users to contribute photos to your album, enter the desired user names in the field provided under Advanced options > Restrict authors > Allow specific people to edit this photo album.

Alternatively, you can set yourself as the only contributor by selecting Advanced options > Restrict authors > Only I can edit this photo album.

For detailed procedures of creating and editing photo albums, see Creating photo albums and Editing photo albums.