Jive group permissions

Jive social groups do not exist in a hierarchy or inherit permissions from anywhere else in the community.

Instead, access is controlled by the type of group and by group membership. The following table shows who can access the four group types. The following table shows who can access the four group types.

  Private Unlisted Private Public Restricted Public
What is visible to non-members? None Group name only All All (no membership)
Who can see content? Member Member Anyone Anyone
Who can participate? Member Member Anyone can interact with content and create discussions and questions. Only members can create other content types Anyone
Who can invite new members? Member or administrator Member or administrator Member or administrator Anyone
Who can approve new members? Administrator Administrator No membership No membership

Other than Open groups, which always grant full access to all members of the community, the other group types have varying membership. The group of people who have permissions changes as people are invited to or leave the group (or are banned from it). SharePoint-side access is synchronized from the group membership. This means that other than SharePoint users with Full Control access, users with group membership on the Jive side have the same rights to the content in the linked site/document library on the SharePoint side.

An exception is that when the Everyone principal is not mapped in the SharePoint add-on settings, as described in Installing SharePoint integration add-on. Users who are not members of or following an Open group will not be able to access content on the SharePoint side.