Disconnecting your place from SharePoint

You can disconnect your place from SharePoint if required.

When you disconnect your place from SharePoint, Jive leaves the external storage files intact in SharePoint so that they can be repurposed or safely deleted from the storage system. The file objects pointing to the external filed are maintained in Jive, including all their social collaboration activities (such as commenting and liking), and the link to download the file is converted to a permanent link pointing to the last known location of the file in the external storage system.

To disconnect your place:

  1. Go to the Activity page of the place you want to disconnect from Sharepoint Online.
  2. Select Gear icon > Edit activity page to get to the settings page of an existing place.

  3. To switch to another storage provider, select another integration option.
  4. To completely disable external file storage and save uploaded files to Jive, select No external storage.
  5. Click Apply to apply the configuration.
  6. Click Save to save the changes to the Activity page.