What's New?

The latest Cloud release includes significant new enhancements and developments to many Jive features. Please see the Jive Customers group in the Jive Community for details.

You can read all about these features and many more in detail in the Jive Community here: Jive-n and Jive-x 2017.1 Onboarding Guide.

You may not see all of these features because they might be toggled off. If you want to see documentation showing the toggled off state, take a look at the following help from previous cloud releases:

2016.3 End User Help

2016.2 End User Help

2016.1 End User Help

2015.3 End User Help

Jive Rewards Updates

Place Navigation Evolution and Tile Improvements

Content Evolution

Jive Daily

Jive Analytics

Translation Service Updates

End of Life and Deprecation