Engagement Index

You can use the Engagement Index chart to review community engagement and user activity and watch how the community engagement changes over time.

Fastpath: Your avatar > Community Analytics, then select Engagement Dashboard

To calculate Engagement Index, the total engagement activities for the month (or day) are divided by the total active users for that month (or day). The higher the number, the more engaged the community. Community managers can use this daily or monthly number to track how engaged their members are in the community. If the index increases over time, then each active member is doing more reading, searching, commenting, or otherwise contributing to the community.

Understanding engagement activities

Engagement activities include the following:

  • Consuming content, such as reading a piece of content, downloading a file, or navigating to links.
  • Participating in the community by liking, rating, voting, commenting, approving content, tagging, following, searching, sharing, or bookmarking content, such as a document, discussion, idea, blog post, or place.
  • Contributing to the community by creating or editing at least one piece of content, such as a document, discussion, idea, blog post, place.

Changing chart y-axis

You can click a data point to switch between two different y-axes, Engagement Index per month and Engagement Index per day. The monthly line enables the community manager to track monthly contributions to the community, and the daily line enables community managers to track engagement daily.

Metric definitions

Metrics are the calculations used to get the Engagement Index number you see in the chart.

Engagement Index per Month = Total Activities for that Month divided by Total Active Users for that Month.

Engagement Index per Day = Total Activities for that Day divided by Total Active Users for that Day.