Engagement Index by User Type

The Engagement Index by User chart measures how engaged different user types are in the community.

Fastpath: Your avatar > Community Analytics, then select Engagement Dashboard

This chart provides you with a way to track the engagement of different user types, which helps them see a drop or increase in engagement of specific user types. To see the index and name for each user type, hover over the line in a period. The higher the index, the more engaged that user type is in the community.

The y-axis shows the Engagement Index by User Type, and the x-axis shows the period. The graph enables the community manager to track contributions by different active users to the community over time.

Metric definition

Metrics are the calculations used to get the Engagement Index number you see in the chart.

Engagement Index by User Type = Total Engagement Activities for the month (or day) divided by the number of consumers, participants, and contributors for that month (or day).


The following definitions help you understand user types:

Logged into the community and only read a piece of content (such as news or their homepage), downloaded a file, or navigated to links.
Logged into the community and actively participated by liking, rating, voting, commenting, approving content, tagging, following, searching, sharing, or bookmarking content, such as a document, discussion, idea, blog post, or place.
Logged into the community and created or edited at least one piece of content, such as a document, discussion, idea, blog post, or place.
Active users
The sum of Consumers, Participants, and Contributors for the selected period.

Each of the numbers is a discrete set of users. For example, contributors are assumed to have:

  • Logged in and read something
  • And participated by liking rating, voting
  • And created or edited a piece of content

Contributors and participators are not included in the Consumer number and percent.