User Leaderboard

The User Leaderboard chart lists the top 10 contributors with the highest activity points within the date range you select for the dashboard.

Fastpath: Your avatar > Community Analytics, then select Engagement Dashboard

For each user, you can see the position in the list and the status points. The chart is filtered by date, department, and title if the filters are set on the dashboard.

Figure: A User Leaderboard chart example

An example of the User Leaderboard chart
  • Hover over a user's name to see their profile card.
  • A user receives points every time they create, comment, or like group status updates.

A downloaded report in a CSV file

The report can be exported in the CSV format. The file name includes the chart name and the period for which the data is exported. For example, a User Leaderboard report file name may look like User LeaderBoard_2019-11-01_2019-11-30.

The contents of the report depend on the dashboard filter (by date, department, and title). The report includes the start and end dates of the exported period and the following information for each community user: user rank (according to the points gained), user ID, user full name, user title (if there is), and user points gained in the selected period.