Content Creation

You can use the Content Creation graph to track how many content items were created daily or monthly in the period you select. When content is published, it increases the total number of content items. When content is deleted, it decreases the number.

Fastpath: Your avatar > Community Analytics, then select Community Usage Dashboard

This graph breaks down all created content by content types: blog posts, discussions, documents, events, ideas (if enabled), polls, questions, and videos (if enabled). The content items you see include content created by external contributors and standard users. Note that draft content is not included until the day it's published.

  • Hover over a month or day in the graph to see how many of each content type was created.
  • Click month or day containing content items to toggle between day or month view.
  • The number in the upper left corner shows the total number for all content types that were published in the selected period.