Enabling External Groups

Group owners can make private and secret groups accessible to outside contributors if this feature is enabled in your community (by your community administrator).

When enabled, private and secret groups can become externally accessible. When a group becomes externally accessible, group members, both external contributors and standard community users, can invite external contributors to these groups.

When disabled after being enabled for a period, all content created by external contributors will continue to exist, and external contributors will continue to be visible in the community, but they will no longer be able to log in.

Note: To use Single Sign-On with External groups, see Setting Up an Entry Page for External Users.
  1. Go to System > Settings > Externally Accessible Groups, select Enable externally accessible groups. Now all secret and private groups in the community have the option of external access.
  2. Limit the ability for creating external groups to certain users or user groups. For more on this, see Permissions for Externally Accessible Groups.
  3. To create groups with external access, see Creating Externally Accessible Groups.