SAML SSO attribute mapping tips

SAML SSO attribute mapping tips

Here you can find general tips on attribute mapping for SAML SSO.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign-On > SAML

Determining your IdP's attributes

The easiest way to figure out how your IdP's attributes are set is to set the Email field in the General tab of Jive to something you know isn't in the response, like xxxxemail, and then look at the error message for all the available attributes in the SAML Response. Many IdPs assign both a Name and a Friendly Name to each assertion attribute. When you're setting up Attribute Mapping, you should use Name.

By default, user mapping uses the SubjectNameID attribute which defines the user name as a unique identifier to link the Jive account with the IdP identity. You can use a different attribute for either the user name or the External Identifier. The External Identifier should be a value that will remain the same even if the user name and email address change. In ADFS, this attribute will typically be the unique objectGUID attribute.

For ADFS, the Name value typically looks like a URL, for example,

Jive doesn't support mapping to complex profile fields, such as multiple select lists or addresses.

Minimum required mapping fields

By default, Jive user accounts require Username, Email, Firstname, and Lastname to be populated. If your SSO server will be used to generate accounts automatically on login, make sure the following fields are mapped:
  • ExternalIdentity
  • Username
  • Email