Enabling antivirus feature

The antivirus feature helps make your community more secure. With the antivirus feature enabled when a user tries to upload an external file to the community (for example, a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF), the file is scanned for a virus before being posted. If a virus is found, the file will not be posted in the community.

The antivirus feature is powered by ClamAV (http://www.clamav.net/). Jive polls the ClamAV database every thirty minutes for virus updates.

You should contact Support to enable the antivirus feature. For more information, see Getting started with the new Jive Support Portal on Worx. In addition, you need to create an Antivirus Management group (People > Management > Create User Group) and add users to it who must receive an Inbox notification whenever the antivirus feature finds malware. The user who attempted to upload a virus will be listed in the notification.