Designing Home page of your community

The Home page is the page users see when they log in to your community. It is an optional page that you can configure with a variety of widgets. Alternatively, you can delete the Home button from your community in the Admin Console.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Home Page > Enable the widgetize community home page.
Important: We do not recommend that you use widgets and widgetized Overview pages in your community. For more information, see Understanding pages in places.

You can customize the Home page of your community if you have Manage Community permission.

By default, the Home page is disabled in the community. However, when it is enabled, users are able to see the default widgets even if they are not yet completely set up. Before enabling it, ensure that you complete the configuration process of the Home page.

Note: If you do not enable a community Home page, your users see the News page (/news) when they log in. For more information about the News page, see Customizing News page.