Interceptors overview

You can configure interceptors on the Interceptors page of the Admin Console.

Some of the interceptors have functionality related to features exposed for configuration elsewhere in the Admin Console. For example, the Ban User interceptor is designed to prevent the specified users from posting content. In contrast, the ban settings you can make elsewhere (see Banning People for more information) are intended to ban users from logging in at all.

Similar to filters, interceptors can be applied to discussions, document comments, and blog comments. You can't apply interceptors to the body text of documents, and to a blog post only when it's first created. Note that people authoring documents and blog posts can create content that's less filtered.

Note: When you don't want any part of a post or comment with an offending word to enter the space before an action is taken, use an interceptor instead of a filter. For more about filters, see Filtering and Formatting Content.