Configuring settings for embedded images

Jive users can insert images in content of different types, such as documents and blog posts. The Images settings control the behavior of embedded images, as opposed to images that are attached to content as links.

Fastpath: Advanced Admin Console > System > Settings > Images

You can use the Images settings to enable and disable image embedding in content, and to specify the maximum number and size of images as well as when and how they should be displayed as thumbnails. Unless otherwise specified, image sizes are specified in pixels. These settings do not affect images that are attached to content as links. For more information about the difference, see Understanding embedded, attached, and uploaded images.

Content type settings

Content type settings let you specify which kinds of images (as determined by their MIME type) should be allowed to be embedded. You might find that some image file types aren't needed. If you want to prevent some kinds of images from being uploaded, you can prohibit them by adding them to the Disallowed Content Type list.