Creating user accounts with the Admin Console

One of the ways to add new users to the community is to create their user account in the Admin Console.

  • Admin Console > People > Add Users
  • Advanced Admin Console > People > Management > Create User

By default, if your community uses LDAP or Active Directory to manage users, new user accounts you create from the Admin Console go into the local application database (where content is stored). You can edit user account properties for LDAP-managed users if your LDAP provider allows it (by default, it is prohibited). For more information about using LDAP or Active Directory with Jive, see Setting up LDAP and Active Directory.

To create a new user account:

  1. Go to the configuration page:
    • Admin Console > People > Add Users
    • Advanced Admin Console > People > Management > Create User
  2. In First Name and Last Name, enter the name of the person for whom you creating a user account.
    Note: A username may not contain any of the following characters: , / ? & #

    Note that some communities are preconfigured to use a user email address as their username.

  3. In Email, enter the email address of the person.
  4. In User Type, specify if this person is a regular user or an external contributor.
  5. In Password and Confirm Password, enter the password to the account.
    The user will be able to change the password after logging in if the community settings allow that.
  6. Select the Send Welcome Email check box to send the new user a welcome email.
    For more about the template a welcome email is created from, see Editing email notification templates.
  7. If you want to create this user and finish up user additions, click Create User.
    The user account is created and the User Summary page opens for editing with the account properties. Generally, you should edit properties for the user account while you're creating it because a newly created account doesn't have permission to do anything in the community. For more information on the profile settings, see Overview of user account management.
  8. If you want to create more user accounts after this one, click Create and Create Another User.
    The user account is created and the page's fields are cleared for you to create one more user account.