Creating News streams for specific users

Users see News streams listed across the top of the News page. As a community manager, you can create and manage the streams to show a different selection of content to different audiences on the News page.

Attention: You must have Manage News Streams or Manage Community permissions to create, modify, or delete News streams.

To create a News stream so that specific users see content relevant to them:

  1. In the user interface, go to the News page and click Manage the News page icon (Pencil icon for Manage Streams) next to News to create a new stream.
  2. Under Create custom streams for, select Specific Users.
    This opens the Edit News Stream page.
  3. In News Stream Title, enter the stream title, for example, My Team News.
    This is the stream name users see on the News page.
    Tip: Make the stream title work for every rule you are going to create for this stream.
  4. Select Create Stream Rule.
    This opens the Create a Stream Rule page.
  5. Specify stream rules to filter users. For each rule, do the following:
    1. Under Places/Blogs, enter or select the place or blog from which you want the stream to pull content.
      Tip: If you see both a place and the place blog listed, note that selecting the blog would post less content in the stream. In other words, selecting a place means any new content created there shows up in the stream. Selecting the blog means only blog posts show up.
    2. Under Audience, enter the users and group of users who must be able to view the stream. You can also enter profile field values.

      For more information on user groups, see Managing user groups.

      You also have the option to select Create profile filter so that you can filter your audience based on a combination of profile fields. For more information on filtering based on a profile field, see Creating an Audience-Specific News Stream in All About the News Feature on Worx.

    3. Click Save to save the stream filter and return to the stream rules configuration page.
      You can create up to 100 rules for a stream.
  6. Under Notify Users, select whether you want the stream's users to receive email or mobile notifications every time new content is posted in the place or blog.
    Tip: In general, we recommend setting this to Off. However, you may likely want to enable notifications on the most important content that your users cannot miss. Note that if notifications get noisy, users may stop reading the content.
  7. Click Save to save the stream configuration.
  8. When you finished adding streams, click Publish Layout.

As an example, you could create a stream called Management Ideas, and then create different rules that direct new content from Finance groups to the Finance managers and blog posts from the Technical Managers group to Engineering managers. You could then add a stream rule targeting content from Human Resources management groups to all these management groups because those management ideas can apply to any manager.

For a detailed example of how you might create News streams, see All About the News Feature on Worx. You must be a registered community user to see this content.