Creating community structure

Creating a structure for content is one of the most important things you do to get your community started. Because people post content in various places, the places you create should help your users intuitively understand where to post (and find) content.

For example, you might organize the spaces to reflect the organization of the company itself including spaces like HR, Accounting, and Research.

A couple of things to note about how groups and spaces work:
  • Social groups are contained by the root community space, but other than that, they do not have a hierarchical structure. Consequently, groups cannot be created inside a different space or under another group.
  • Spaces contain any associated sub-spaces and projects (if you have them enabled). You may find this ability to create hierarchical spaces and sub-spaces useful depending on your needs.

You can think of it this way:

It is especially important when you are setting up things like moderation and permissions in places because of inheritance relationships. Social groups inherit from the root space, while projects and sub-spaces inherit from their parent space. The settings inherited at the time of creation are used as a starting point but can be modified later.

For more information about creating spaces, see Designing space hierarchies and Creating new spaces from the Admin Console.