Option reference of main navigation menu

Here's a reference that describes what you can do with custom links in the main navigation menu by using the theming interface. You can have a total of five preset and custom buttons in the navigation menu and drag-and-drop them to change their order on the menu.

Custom buttons

Customs buttons with single or multiple custom links are useful for linking to pages inside or outside of your community. Be aware that if you use these custom buttons, you need to provide translations if your community is delivered in multiple languages by clicking Provide other translations for each button that you add.

Table 1. Custom button options
Nav Bar Option Links to
Single Customizes a single link title and URL. For example, it might be helpful to your users to link to your CEO's Blog here. Alternatively, you could use this option to change the name of an existing Preset page. For example, you might rename the People button Our Users. Note that if you do this, the URL does not change, just the text in the navigation menu.
Multiple Creates a drop-down menu with a unique title. For example, a Support button might drop down to Knowledge Base, File a Case, and Feedback. Or a Sales button might drop down to Create an RFP, Check the CRM, and Latest Wins.

Preset links

The Preset buttons are useful for linking to existing preset pages in your community such as Content, People, or Places. When you use any of these Preset options as is, they are localized automatically for all of the application's supported languages. You could also change the navigation bar label of these Preset options by using the Single link, as described above; but in that case, you would need to provide your translations by clicking Provide other translations.

Table 2. Preset links options
Nav Bar Option Links to
Content /content
People /people
Places /places
News /news
Support /support
Apps Opens up the Apps menu when clicked. The Apps navigation button is displayed outside of the theming interface only if the apps market is enabled (Admin Console: Add-ons > Cloud Settings) and the user is not anonymous.
Rewards /rewards

Opens up the community's Rewards global leaderboard when clicked.

Browse Creates a drop-down menu that contains at least one of the following predefined links: Content (/content), People (/people), Places (/places).

System buttons

You can make some modifications to the following system buttons, including moving them around (in the case of the Create menu), or not showing them at all.

Table 3. System links options
Nav Bar Option Links to

The Home button appears in the main navigation menu and takes users to the /news page by default. This button always appears as the left-most navigation item. Be aware that users have the option to pin any of their News streams to the Home button. For more information, see Pinning pages for quick access.

Create The Create menu (as a button with the text "Create") appears in the main navigation when the Basic header is enabled (you may not see it in preview mode, but only after you publish). Otherwise, the Create menu appears in the secondary navigation area to the right as a pencil icon; if you use the Custom header, you have the option to use the text Create for the button instead of a pencil icon. Note also that the Create menu must be enabled at Admin Console: System > Settings > Home Page. For more details about the header options, see the Theming options reference.