Planning customized community pages

There are several locations in Jive where you can customize a page with images and information, by using either tiles or widgets as building blocks.

You can customize pages in the following locations:

Tiles and widgets like content blocks help you lay out certain pages in your community. Tiles are the default way to do this, but if you have widgets enabled, you can choose them instead. Use the following table to determine which model is available for you to use. For more information, see Using tiles and Adding Overview page.

The following table shows where you can use tiles, and where you can use widgets.

Page Tiles Widgets
Community Home Page  
Your View  
Place: Activity page  
Place: Overview page  
Place: Custom pages  

The number of tiles on a page

When planning Activity or custom pages, take heed of the number of tiles on the page. A large number of tiles may degenerate Jive performance, including but not limited to page loading times and content responsiveness. This also applies to the user's Your View pages.

This is especially applicable to wide and custom tiles that are usually heavily impacting the performance. With this in mind, Jive has a limit on tiles per page:

  • Wide tiles that take 2/3 of the page width wide tile are limited to no more than 3 tiles per page by default.
  • Custom tiles (listed under the External Add-ons category when you add a new tile) are limited to no more than 5 tiles per page by default.
Note: If required, the maximum number of wide tiles per Activity page can be increased up to five tiles. To increase the limit for your community, you need to file a support ticket with Support.